Why a Home Improvement Contractor Should Work With a Public Insurance Adjuster

A Home Improvement Contractor wants to work with a Public insurance Adjuster

Once a Home Improvement Contractor (“H.I.C.”) understands the benefits to working with an Adjuster, they will always choose to have a close relationship with one because the “PA” (Public Adjuster) will dramatically increase business for the contractor at no extra cost to the contractor. There are even savvy contractors who advertise the services of an adjuster as part of their business. For example a local Roofer goes door to door and leaves advertisement fliers offering a free home inspection to determine if you qualify to get your new roof paid for by your insurance company. The Public Insurance Adjuster will go out and do the home inspections for potential claims, whether they are for the roof or not.

The Benefits of a Home Improvement Contractor Working with a Public Adjuster

There are many benefits of the contractor working with a “PA” including;

  • More Clients – because homeowners can have their repairs paid by their insurance company the contractor will have more clients. Image the increase in business when your customers do not have to go in their pocket to pay for the repairs.
  • Larger Scope of Work – a client may have an immediate problem like a leaky roof that they have the cash for. But, if they had enough money from their homeowner or business insurance policy to repair and or replace all of the damage caused by the leaky roof, they would of course do the work. This gives the contractor a larger scope of work and more profit because of larger jobs.
  • More Effective Marketing – in the example of the roofer passing out flyers offering a free home inspection to determine if the insurance company would pay for the damage, the roofer averages 50 calls per day from people wanting to take advantage of the inspection. Of course the response will depend upon a number of factors including the number of fliers you put out and the area they go in. Regardless of the marketing method when a contractor chooses to work with a licensed public adjuster and employ the benefits in the marketing they will receive a greater return on their marketing dollars.

Public Adjuster and Home Improvement Contractor

For the benefits cited above many “Home improvement Contractors become Public Insurance Adjusters. Often they discount the fees of one service or the other to win the job. You will find this most often for larger catastrophic losses like fires and floods. Some companies focus on the small everyday claims the consumers may not know are covered by their policies. For instance, cracked ceramic tiles and hardwood floors as well as any accidental discharge of water would be normally overlooked but are generally covered claims for the policyholder. Regardless of the business model the “H.I.C.” can greatly benefit from working with a “PA”.