Why a Home Improvement Contractor Should Work With a Public Insurance Adjuster

A Home Improvement Contractor wants to work with a Public insurance Adjuster

Once a Home Improvement Contractor (“H.I.C.”) understands the benefits to working with an Adjuster, they will always choose to have a close relationship with one because the “PA” (Public Adjuster) will dramatically increase business for the contractor at no extra cost to the contractor. There are even savvy contractors who advertise the services of an adjuster as part of their business. For example a local Roofer goes door to door and leaves advertisement fliers offering a free home inspection to determine if you qualify to get your new roof paid for by your insurance company. The Public Insurance Adjuster will go out and do the home inspections for potential claims, whether they are for the roof or not.

The Benefits of a Home Improvement Contractor Working with a Public Adjuster

There are many benefits of the contractor working with a “PA” including;

  • More Clients – because homeowners can have their repairs paid by their insurance company the contractor will have more clients. Image the increase in business when your customers do not have to go in their pocket to pay for the repairs.
  • Larger Scope of Work – a client may have an immediate problem like a leaky roof that they have the cash for. But, if they had enough money from their homeowner or business insurance policy to repair and or replace all of the damage caused by the leaky roof, they would of course do the work. This gives the contractor a larger scope of work and more profit because of larger jobs.
  • More Effective Marketing – in the example of the roofer passing out flyers offering a free home inspection to determine if the insurance company would pay for the damage, the roofer averages 50 calls per day from people wanting to take advantage of the inspection. Of course the response will depend upon a number of factors including the number of fliers you put out and the area they go in. Regardless of the marketing method when a contractor chooses to work with a licensed public adjuster and employ the benefits in the marketing they will receive a greater return on their marketing dollars.

Public Adjuster and Home Improvement Contractor

For the benefits cited above many “Home improvement Contractors become Public Insurance Adjusters. Often they discount the fees of one service or the other to win the job. You will find this most often for larger catastrophic losses like fires and floods. Some companies focus on the small everyday claims the consumers may not know are covered by their policies. For instance, cracked ceramic tiles and hardwood floors as well as any accidental discharge of water would be normally overlooked but are generally covered claims for the policyholder. Regardless of the business model the “H.I.C.” can greatly benefit from working with a “PA”.

Common Home Improvement Mistakes

You hear about it after every major storm. Home improvement contractors move into an area and promise great work, only to leave behind a shoddy job if the job gets finished at all. What you may not realize is that this happens every day, not just after a major tragedy. If you are hiring someone for a job make sure you avoid these common home improvement mistakes.

All of the better contractors and business owners want each and every party involved in their business to do a good job. Unfortunately though home improvement and remodeling is one of the top industries for both fraud and consumer dissatisfaction. The question that a lot of people have is why? Yes much of the blame does in fact fall into the hands of the home improvement industry; there are also some more common mistakes that you as the homeowner commit that will contribute to your own dissatisfaction. If you learn to avoid these mistakes, it can make the difference between a great home improvement project and a nightmare.

1. Falling In Love With The Salesman. Since you are probably like many and not an expert in the field of home improvement, you will begin to rely heavily on the friendliness and the so called credibility of the salesperson in an effort to determine the type of people that will be doing the project. Your dissatisfaction is guaranteed when either the employees or the subcontractors do not live up to the total expectations set by the salesperson. When you are ready to invite someone into your home, you need to make sure they are skilled in home improvement and not just someone who has been commissioned by a salesman whose main interest is to sell you improvements that you do not actually need.

2. Neglecting The Family Safety. You might be appalled to learn of the criminal history of some of the employees of home improvement companies. You will find such things as felony records, drug convictions, sex offenses, and domestic violence among others. Yes it is true that every prior criminal has the right to work, but they have no business being in your family’s home where it can put your belongings and family safety into question. You have the right to demand to see any employee records of individuals that are going to be coming into your home. The record should also contain a background check on the employee as well. This will help ensure that your family’s safety is well secure.

3. Asking The Wrong Questions. There are basic questions that you need to ask every contractor that comes into your home. But sadly these are often neglected. Some of these questions include things like “How long have you been in business?” “Where are you located?” among others. These are some of the most important questions that you can ask. The more questions that you ask, the better your chances of having the job done right by qualified individuals. Always ask to see references, and make sure the references you get are from someone in your community. Then make sure you call them up to verify or even go by to look at the work that was completed.

Home improvement does not have to be a nightmare. Avoiding these mistakes will increase the odds that the job is done to your satisfaction.

DIY Home Improvement Tips

Are you interested in DIY home improvement tips? Maybe you are already actively improving your home all by yourself. Either way, there is always something to learn about home improvement, and advice or tips to gain for doing it yourself. DIY home improvement tips can come from all over; the key is to keep your eyes and ears open, and also know where to look or who to talk to.

If you have access to the Internet, and prefer to do or learn things from the comfort of your own home, then you probably want to hop online to research the subject of DIY-home improvement. Online you will be able to find numerous websites and site links that will aid and guide you in the art of home improvement. For just about every project you have in mind, inside of your home and outside, you will be able to find detailed DIY home improvement tips and ideas.

If you are a different type of learner who needs a person-to-person consultation, then that is easy to do as well. Simply visit businesses in your local area that specialize in things related to home improvement, like a hardware store, or a nursery if it’s outdoor work you are planning. At these types of businesses you’ll be able to find someone to talk with, like an employee that works in or with the specific department that relates to the project at hand. Most likely you are going to have to visit these types of businesses anyway to purchase the necessary supplies, tools, and materials to carry out your project. They will be able to consult with you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Another suggestion would be to visit your local library or bookstore to check out or buy books or magazines specifically about or with some content concerning do-it-yourself home improvement. There are plenty of books and guides on the subject.

If you’re a hands-on learner, then do some research in your local area on instructional workshops and classes on DIY home improvement that you could attend. This is the best way to get some basic or more detailed DIY home improvement tips, as well as all the newest ideas that experts have been developing.

There is certainly no shortage of resources for helping anyone learn how to do their own home improving.

How To Find The Best Home Improvement Firm

A home improvement firm is also called contractors, construction companies, or depending on the home remodeling work they will be doing they may be called electricians, roofers, plumbers, stucco installers, heating and air conditioning installers, cabinet makers, flooring specialist, and so on. There are many types of home remodeling and it takes different specialist to do each type of job.

A home improvement firm is hired according to the skills they have and the things that you need. Some home remodeling companies do not work with certain materials, so you have to know what materials you want the company to use, what type of remodeling you are doing, and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Before you can hire a home improvement firm you have to know a little bit about the type of work you are having done. You want to be able to ask the company representative relevant questions about the work. If you sound knowledgeable the representative is less likely to try and take advantage of you. If you are knowledgeable then you are going to get better quality work at a better price.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors about local contractors they have either used in the past, or that they personally know. Do not hire a contractor simply because your brother-in-law went to school with him. Friends of friends do not always do the best work, and when you have to fire the contractor you do not want it to interfere with your relationship with someone else. Keep personal relationships personal and business dealings business.

Do call references and ask how the people liked the work the company did for them. Ask if the company workers respected their property. Ask references if the company stuck to their original quote or if their project ended up costing them more than they expected. Ask references if the company finished the work in a fair amount of time.

Be sure that you call the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of commerce to ascertain if the contractor you are considering hiring has ever had complaints lodged against them. A single complaint does not mean that a company is necessarily bad at what they do. You have to consider the complaint that was filed, and then consider what the company did to resolve the issue. The better business bureau will help you to discover if a business normally conducts themselves in a fair and honest method.

Be sure that you talk to the contractor and that you listen to them. Often we are concentrating so hard on what we want to tell a person that we do not really listen to what they tell us. The contractor may tell you that they will be delayed starting your project, or they may tell you that what you want will not work. You must listen to them in order to make the best decision.

Get more than one bid on the work and get more than one opinion on what you should use to do the work with. Remember that you have to live with the results for the rest of your life.